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StrataDefense for ATMs

  • Monthly Microsoft Windows Patching
  • Quarterly Application Software Stack Updating
  • Wireless Communications Performed in the Background*
    • Minimize Downtime
    • Completely off Your Network
    • FFIEC Examined, SOC2 Certified Data Center
  • Monthly Reporting via Secure FTP Site

*Alternate Communication Methods Available

Enhanced Security Included

  • BIOS Password Lockdown
  • Level 3+ Dispenser Lockdown
  • Alternate Drives Disabled
  • TITAN Security Module
  • Real-Time Monitoring

The TITAN Security Module

  • Detects Suspicious Activity
  • Detects Unauthorized Communications
  • Actively Defends Against Persistent Threats
  • Will Stop the Bad Guys

NCR Skimming Protection Solution (SPS)

What it does:

Skimming Protection Solution – Dip Card Reader (SelfServ Model Only)

  • Skimming device detection only – no jamming.
  • Prevents insertion of a card by dropping a pin within SPS bezel
  • Anti-Drill Mat
  • No connection to Network or SNMP required. Only the drivers need to be installed.

Skimming Protection Solution – Motorized Card Reader

  • Changing, random disruption, and active disruption of skimming devices
  • Protects data by garbling track 2 card data to make it unreadable.
  • Anti-Drill Matt
  • No connection to Network or SNMP only the drivers need to be installed.
  • Optional “Notification Detection of an Attached Skimmer” software available as an add on to communicate with management system (i.e. Gasper, network monitoring)

Cash Trap Inhibitor

  • Prevents physical cash fishing attacks

UL 437 Top Box Lock

  • Enhanced barrel lock, difficult to pick and has keys that are difficult to duplicate providing additional protection to the electronics of the ATM

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