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Start an ATM Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own full or part-time business? Building and managing your own ATM portfolio may be a great place to start!

ATMs are popular and have become an integral part of the bar/restaurant/convenience store landscape. ATM users are willing to pay for the convenience of having access to cash. By running your own ATM portfolio, you benefit from the industry’s success and a continuous revenue stream.

Edge One offers the finest retail ATMs on the market and will assist you from start to finish.

Running a successful ATM portfolio can earn you anywhere from hundreds, to thousands of dollars per month. The key is finding the best locations (convenience stores, bars, events, etc.)

Edge One has a team of ATM experts that works with you to get you started but will also continue to help you build your business. We pride ourselves on forming long-term partnerships with all of our affiliates.

Contact us to learn more about our Affiliate Program: 800-423-3343

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