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Lathem 1600E Tru-Align Time Clock - Edge One

Discover the Lathem 1600E Tru-Align Time Clock

The Lathem 1600e is a versatile tool for time tracking and document stamping. Explore its features and benefits today.

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Key Features:

Diverse Printing Options

The Lathem 1600E offers a wide range of over 200 print options for time, date, and comments. This adaptability ensures that it can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Predefined Print Formats

Choose from 18 predefined print formats to simplify customization according to your preferences.

Preset Messages

Select from 13 preset messages like RCVD, SENT, IN, OUT, and others to efficiently label documents.

Clear Display and Illumination

With a large LCD display showing date, time, and the day of the week, coupled with a super-bright LED light to illuminate the print area, information is easily visible.

Reliable Timekeeping

Even during power outages, this time clock maintains accurate time, ensuring consistent record-keeping.

Triple Functionality

The Lathem 1600E serves as a time clock, job clock, and document stamp:

  • Time Clock: Accurately records employees’ in and out times for seamless payroll processing.
  • Job Clock: Helps in tracking project time for cost management.
  • Document Stamp: Imprints date, time, and predefined messages on essential documents for better organization.

Synchronization with Atomic Clock

It synchronizes time with the US atomic clock in Boulder, CO, guaranteeing precision.

Tru-Align™ Technology

The Tru-Align option, which includes 25 Tru-Align time cards, ensures fast printing and perfect punch alignment.

Perpetual Calendar

The Lathem 1600E automatically changes the year, month, and date until 2099.

Automatic and Manual Printing

Choose between automatic and manual printing options for added flexibility.

Multi-Language Support

Select from English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese for printing.

Compatible Cards

Use standard time or job cards, or opt for the E16-100 Tru-Align cards to suit your needs.

Easy Installation

Mounting the Lathem 1600E to the wall or desktop is a straightforward process, offering versatile placement options.

User-Friendly Features

The time clock features a user-friendly interface with an easy-to-read display, LightGuide for visibility, and SmartClock™ technology for enhanced functionality.

Incorporating the Lathem 1600E Tru-Align Time Clock into your business operations can help streamline timekeeping, enhance document organization, and improve overall efficiency. With its numerous features, this time clock and document stamp is a versatile solution for businesses seeking adaptability, precision, and reliability in one package.

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