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Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM 2400 | Money Handling Equipment | Edge One
Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM® 2400

Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM® 2400

The Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM® 2400 safe provides cash security and much greater employee accounta- bility through an audit trail that connects each transaction to a registered user. Cash register close-out is more efficient and error-free while deposit preparation is reduced from hours to just a couple of minutes.

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  • Audit trails: Each user has a PIN, and you have over 30 types of receipts and reports to help manage it all.
  • Bill validation: Single or bulk note bill validators with the highest level of first-time bill acceptance and counterfeit detection.
  • Customizable: Armor Safe Technologies builds and lays out each board in CacheSYSTEM safes, offering you the flexibility to configure the safe to your unique needs.
  • Liquid-resistant keypad: Spills happen. Don’t let them compromise your cash security.
  • Easy maintenance and updates: Software updates completed in minutes. Drawers designed for easy removal and replacement.
  • No hard drives: Armor safe cash management safes use flash storage, making it more reliable and longer-lasting than a traditional hard drive.

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