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Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM 3400 | Money Handling Equipment | Edge One
Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM 3400

Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM® 3400

The CacheSYSTEM® 3400 by Armor Safe is the most user-friendly, time delay dispensing safe in the industry. It has the largest change fund capacity with 120 tubes, yet it is easy to audit, simple to load, and virtually maintenance free.

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  • Dispense Change: Our 120-tube vending magazine is simple to load and count with capacity for 12 tubes in each of 10 columns.
  • Flexible: change fund tubes can be manually loaded and adjusted, reducing maintenance calls and providing flexibility for your fund denominations.
  • Secure: Funds can be secured with single or dual combinations, and an additional padlock may be applied in situations of heightened risk.

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