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Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM 7000 | Money Handling Equipment | Edge One
Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM 7000 Series Smart Safe

Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM® 7000

The CacheSYSTEM® 7000 series provides the ultimate level of cash control by limiting cash exposure and providing seamless accounting between the POS and your bank. It offers the combined benefits of cash-counting and bill validation with change-fund management and an audit trail of all transactions.

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  • Collect and secure: Designed and constructed to rigorous standards to protect each point of access and reduce your risk of robbery.
  • Audit trails: Every transaction is recorded and tracked via individual user  ID providing an audit trail of all activity. More than 30 different types of receipts and reports can be printed
  • Bill validation: Equipped with Cummins’ bill counting technology, allowing it to recognize 800 bills per minute with unsurpassed counterfeit detection.
  • Dispense Change: Simple to load and count and the inner view provides a visual count of inventory, eliminating reliance on a dipstick.

CacheSYSTEM 7000 safes can be configured to:

  • Control Remote Safes: Additional units may be connected for significant flexibility and scalability.
  • Communicate: Integrates with CacheTALK™ III software to access and evaluate transaction data and provide real-time comparisons with POS activity.

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