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For most beverage retailers, daily operations involve tedious manual cash counting at the end of each day. Staff spend valuable time counting and sorting bills instead of interacting with customers. Another common issue many establishments face is the absence of an on-site ATM. This not only encourages customers to pay by card, resulting in higher merchant service fees, but also prompts customers to leave in search of an ATM elsewhere. These challenges can hinder business efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall success. Edge One offers powerful solutions to these problems, including the Kisan Newton-A cash counter and the Genmega Onyx ATM with Tap Pay.

Kisan Newton A - Cash counter from Edge One

Efficient Cash Handling with the Kisan Newton-A Cash Counter

The Kisan Newton-A cash counter revolutionizes cash handling processes by automatically counting and sorting cash, eliminating the need for manual counting. Integrating this cash counter into operations saves significant time and reduces the risk of human counting errors. With the Kisan Newton-A, staff can spend more time serving customers and less time managing cash.

 This advanced machine uses the power of automation to improve accuracy and streamline cash management operations. Fewer discrepancies and a more efficient workflow will enhance staff productivity and boost operational efficiency.

1,500 Notes Counted Per Minute

4.3” Touch-screen Display

Automatically Rejects Counterfeits

Relatively Light at 22lbs

A Customer Experience Upgrade:
The Genmega Onyx ATM with Tap Pay

The Genmega Onyx ATM is more than just an ATM. It is a strategic asset for your business. This sleek but sophisticated ATM allows patrons to get cash quickly and securely. The Tap Pay option, powered by NFC technology, allows customers to withdraw money faster than ever before. The technology makes transactions swift and contactless, significantly enhancing the customer experience

The Genmega Onyx ATM increases foot traffic and encourages customers to spend more money inside. The convenience of a fast and secure ATM attracts customers and keeps them coming back.

12 inch touch-screen (Optional)

Attract Customers with High Visibility LED Sign

PCI Certified & Triple-DES (TDES) compliant EPP

Contactless Transactions by Card or Smartphone


Genmega Onyx Retail ATM with NFC Tap Pay

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Edge One offers cash handling solutions such as the Kisan Newton-A cash counter and the Genmega Onyx ATM with Tap Pay, along with other advanced tools designed to optimize cash management processes for beverage retailers like restaurants, pubs, bars, taverns, and saloons. Our technology enhances efficiency for both staff and customers, improving the overall in-store experience.

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