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Welcome to Edge One, your trusted partner for Armored Cash-in-Transit services in Wisconsin and Michigan. Elevate the security and efficiency of your financial operations with our fleet of meticulously maintained armored vehicles, operated by our highly trained and reliable personnel. Our comprehensive cash management program covers deposit pulls, cash replenishment, and bitcoin cash pulls, providing a secure solution for handling cash in ATMs, ITMs, financial institutions, and retail businesses.

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The Edge One Armored Difference

First Line Maintenance Trained Drivers

Our drivers are not just operators; they are trained in First Line Maintenance (FLM), ensuring a proactive approach to address potential issues during transit.

On-Truck Cash Counts

Precision is paramount. We conduct meticulous cash counts directly on the truck, ensuring accuracy and accountability in every transaction.

Next Day Replenishment Report

Stay informed with a detailed replenishment report, including residual cash amounts, delivered promptly the next day for transparent tracking.

Less Than 1% Error Rate

Trust in our commitment to precision, backed by a track record of maintaining an error rate of less than 1%.

Timely and Dependable Schedule

Rely on Edge One for a schedule you can trust. Our services are punctual and reliable, ensuring your operations run seamlessly.

For Financial Institutions

Cash Replenishment for ATMs/ITMs

Keep your ATMs and ITMs ready for customers with our timely cash replenishment services.

Settlement Speed Improvement

Enhance settlement speed with our expert handling of cash and check deposit pickups and processing.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Our FLM trained personnel ensure your machines are in good working order, reducing overall maintenance costs.

For Retail Businesses

Increased Productivity

Streamline your operations and increase productivity by minimizing staff trips to the bank.

Risk Reduction

Mitigate the risk of theft by robbery and internal loss with our secure and dependable pickups.

Always Have Petty Cash on Hand

Ensure you always have petty cash available for your daily operations.

Edge One Armored Services

Edge One’s cash-in-transit services provide a secure, efficient, and cost-effective solution to ensure you have the cash you need for your daily operations. Since 2015, businesses across various industries have entrusted Edge One for their cash-in-transit needs. Discover how Edge One can enhance the security and efficiency of your cash handling operations.

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