Credit Card Processing

Enabling Transactions for Your Business

Choosing the right credit card processor can be a challenging decision. Edge One offers fair and competitive rates without hidden or unexplained fees. We implement the latest technology with EMV, PCI Compliant and Near Field Communications (Apple & Android Pay) services. Count on us to help your business achieve success with reliable credit card processing.

image of a hand swiping a credit card on credit card processing equipment sold by Edge One

What Sets Us Apart

No Contracts

With a customer retention rate of over 99%, we are confident that switching to Edge One will be the last switch you will ever make.


We offer straightforward, competitive rates. We have never increased rates on a customer.

Point of Sale

We will help you choose the right Point of Sale system for your business. Whether you choose one of our systems or you work with one of our partners, we make sure you have the POS solution that your business needs.

Online Ordering Solutions

Let us help you incorporate an online ordering system that will allow you to offer your customers more freedom in dining and allows you to increase your revenue stream.

Gift & Loyalty

Edge One offers a number of solutions that will help you attract customers. We understand that loyal customers are the key to any successful business.

Next-Day Funding

Your money is important to you. Why wait for your funds? Edge One will direct your funds to be released as soon as possible.

Reach Out to Us

Let us help your business process credit cards. Call 800-423-3343 (EDGE) to speak with an Edge One representative about our credit card processing services and the advantages they could bring to your retail business.
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