EDGE CONNECT is our proprietary core connection platform that unlocks the potential of tailored customer experiences for community banks and credit unions. EDGE CONNECT bridges the gaps between siloed sectors of the banking ecosystem to create new possibilities and innovative functionalities. Read on for an overview of synergies made possible by our new core connection platform, then reach out to us at 800-423-3343 (EDGE) to discuss the future of EDGE CONNECT, core integration, and your financial institution.

EDGE CONNECT is Allowing Local Banks and Credit Unions to Rival the Features of the Largest Institutions

Successfully vying for new customers and members means providing capabilities and services that people may not readily find at competitor institutions. Financial institutions using EDGE CONNECT have access to powerful core integration features that will help to bring in newcomers and encourage existing customers and members to maintain their relationships. Our EDGE CONNECT-enabled partner FIs offer these and many more capabilities at ATM units:

  • Cardless/Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Bill Payment for Members and Non-Members
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Make Credit Card Payments
  • Check Money Market Account Balances

Our Core Connection Platform is Driven by Trusted Software Partners

EDGE CONNECT has powerful processing, data, and information solutions ‘under the hood’. We have partnered with industry leaders to produce a solution that handles everything from experience APIs to deposits and payments swiftly and seamlessly. We are powering transactions via forward-looking technology that will help to keep the financial institutions deploying EDGE CONNECT at the forefront of the industry.

Always Be Innovating

When there is a constant pulse of competition and new ways for customers and members to use technology, evolution inside banks and credit unions is imperative. Standing still, in terms of implementing technology, means falling behind as the competition develops new features and benefits to entice customers and increase deposits. FIs partnering with Edge One in using our core connection platform can be sure that we prioritize innovation. Our team of financial technology industry veterans and planners is constantly looking ahead for new challenges and discovering new opportunities. Our evolution also benefits our partners, because as we grow and develop the capabilities of EDGE CONNECT, the capabilities of our partner banks and credit unions will also evolve. We have the personnel and structure to continuously improve and help financial institutions deliver valuable technology and services to their customers.






Want to Learn More?

Connect with us 800-423-EDGE (3343) to speak with an Edge One representative and explore how core integration via EDGE CONNECT can make a difference in your financial institution’s future.

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