Fort Community Credit Union Logo

“You guys are fantastic! Edge One is one of the most responsive vendors we have ever had.”

– Meghan Bernath –
Fort Community Credit Union

AbbyBank logo

“We love the Edge One Managed ATM service. The staff is extremely responsive and helpful. The managed service has eliminated the worries for compliance updates and streamlines ATM upgrades. No more guessing needed for the ATM budget, should have moved to this service earlier!”

– Teri Schorer –
Abby Bank

Wisconsin Medical Credit Union

“We are so thankful we switched over to Edge One! What a difference from our previous ATM managed service provider. Thanks so much.”

– Mary Groh –
Wisconsin Medical Credit Union

Minnwest bank logo

“Edge One has high quality service and timely problem resolution.”

– Jonathan Schiller –
Minnwest Bank

Kalamazoo County State Bank logo

“Edge One’s customer service and quick reply to all my questions has been excellent and a welcomed change from other companies.”

– Stacy Pelikan –
Kalamazoo County State Bank

Kalsee Credit Union logo

“I have never had a bad experience with Edge One, only great support for our ever-changing environment.”

– Amber Stevens –
Kalsee Credit Union

Southern Lakes Credit Union

“Edge One always provides great service, whether it be on the phone or the technicians in person.”

– Denise Cummings –
Southern Lakes Credit Union

Journey Federal Credit Union logo

“Edge One is very professional, on time, and works through issues with client hand in hand.”

– Sherri Purchase –
Journey Federal Credit Union

Summit Credit Union logo

“Edge One does an excellent job all around. Their employees are exceptional.”

– Todd Enders –
Summit Credit Union

Consumers Credit Union logo

“Edge One provides GREAT service. They are true partners with us, understanding our business needs and offering solutions.”

– Lindsay Land –
Consumers Credit Union

The Local Credit Union logo

“Edge One is a very user-friendly partner. Customer service is always there when you need them.”

– Joe Hallman –
The Local Credit Union

Liberty National Bank logo

“I recently replaced our existing check scanners with the Canon CR-190. What an improvement! The CR-190’s are super fast, provide high image quality, offer a great feed system, and have proven to be very reliable. I would recommend the Canon CR-190 and E1/ABM to anyone in this business.”

– Susan Zimmer,
Senior Vice President Operations

Springfield Local Schools logo

“The Binatek InterLaser6 sotware has been wonderful, easy to use, and provided us with a much needed professional update!”

– Ryan Lockwood, Treasurer

The Hicksville Bank logo

Our Bank has utilized E1/ABM for over 20 years for Teller, Cash & Check Handling equipment purchases, support and service. They are a valuable partner with whom we can always rely on to provide us with competitive pricing and great support and service. They are a solid and reliable provider and we look forward to continuing our relationship with E1/ABM.

– Mary Kay Shimko,
S.V.P. Retail Operations

Glass City Federal Credit Union logo

“Branch automation has helped our tellers to be faster and more accurate, and it’s improved the interaction with our members and enhanced our overall productivity.

– Mark Slates,
President and CEO

“There are many vendors who could provide the products we purchase from Automated Business Machines, but there aren’t many who can provide the level of service that E1/ABM does. They talk about being a value-added reseller and they do add real value!”

– Linda Wilker, Director,
City of Maumee, OH

Mercer Savings Bank logo

For many years now, Mercer Savings Bank has used E1/ABM for equipment needs in all four of our offices. During this time, we have purchased coin counters, coin rollers, currency counters, and shredders among other things, and we have always been satisfied with the products and the service that have been supplied by your company. I plan to continue the relationship into the future.

– Tim Bigham, Vice President of Operations

bank five nine logo

Thank you to the Edge One team for your partnership on ATM installs and the other projects we’ve worked on! I’ve been at Bank Five Nine a little over a year and you all have helped me tremendously.

– Lynn Tracy, Project Manager, Business Continuity, Vendor Management

West Side Iron and Metal Logo

“The cash dispensing solution E1/ABM designed for us has proven to increase efficiency within our business. Our customers are impressed with the convenience as they are able to get cash easily on the spot. It has also reduced the amount of time spent on bookkeeping and has eliminated some of the paperwork associated with it. We are very satisfied with E1/ABM’s solution.”

– Victoria Garagliano, Manager

Flint Area School Employees logo

We have purchased other models of currency recyclers from E1/ABM in the past and the CIMA compares very well to the other models that we use. We have been very happy with the operational efficiency that we have gained in the offices where we installed the recyclers. With a recycler, our head tellers are able to concentrate more on servicing members and not handing out cash from the vault. Receiving shipments of cash is also more efficient since the cash is counted at the same time that it is loaded into the machine. The CIMA Recycler and accompanying software is very dependable and user friendly. We have not experienced any instances of the recycler miss-counting any currency or any other unexpected errors. We use the Dynacash software which provides good data regarding teller activity which can be used for balancing and audit purposes.

– Dan Fondren,
Member Services Supervisor

Fifth Third Bank logo

“E1/ABM has been a valuable partner to us for over 15 years, providing currency counters and discriminators for more than 1,300 banking centers in 12 states, as well as some of our earliest installs of dispenser and recycler technology. They provide new counting and discriminating equipment, and also provide outstanding service on our existing fleet. Their product knowledge allows us to feel comfortable knowing we’re getting great products that will meet our needs now and in the future. E1/ABM provides the best of both worlds, the service we expect from a small, closely held vendor, with the broader market knowledge to provide new and innovative products. E1/ABM is a great partner and we look forward to continuing the relationship for years to come.”

– Jon McCallister, Retail Staffing and Optimization Manager

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