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Are you tired of hefty credit card fees eating into your profits? Embrace the dual pricing credit card processing and revolutionize the way you do business. Our program ensures you enjoy substantial savings, exceptional customer approval, and hassle-free processing. Discover the benefits tailored to your industry:

Restaurant & Retail Dual Pricing Program Details:

Why Choose Edge One?

  • No Equipment Costs: Process with Edge One, and your equipment is on us.
  • Low Monthly Fees: Less than $50 a month on average, with a minimal fee of $12.95.
  • Pass-On Credit Card Fees: Only a minimum 3.50% credit card fee passed on to customers.
  • Transparent Transactions: Your net sales, with no hidden costs. For instance, a $100 sale means $100 in your account.
  • Complimentary Signage: Edge One provides the required signage for your convenience.
  • High Customer Approval: A remarkable 95% customer approval rating.
  • Unaffected Server Tips: Restaurants on this program confirm that server tips remain unaffected.
  • No Contracts. No Annual or Batching Fees.

*Tips Excluded: Tips cannot be included in cash discount.

Join the Dual Pricing Revolution!

Why Edge One's Dual Pricing Program?

  • Average Annual Savings: $12,000 for our merchants.
  • Business Empowerment: Reward cash-paying customers and stay fully compliant.
  • Flexible Programs: Choose the model that best suits your business needs.
  • Free Signage: Easily inform customers with our complimentary signage.
  • Transparent Pricing: Clearly list all adjustments on your receipts for an honest approach.
  • Free Analysis: Curious about your savings potential? Get a free analysis comparing your current program with the Dual Pricing Program.
  • No Risk: Try our Dual Pricing Program risk-free. If it’s not for you, return to your original processing.
  • Stability: Say goodbye to switching processors – pay virtually nothing in credit card fees.

Dual Pricing FAQs

Dual pricing is a deduction allowed by the merchant for goods or service if the customer pays with cash.

As a result of a court approved settlement with merchants, card Issuers agreed to modify their rules to permit U.S. merchants to discount goods and services for customers paying in cash.

As a merchant, you will now be able to accept credit cards and not have to pay a multitude of fees. Each day you will get fully funded for 100% of your sales. Then, at the end of the month, you will see your monthly fee(s) for being part of the Dual Pricing Program.

Once you’re signed up as a dual pricing merchant you will receive a welcome kit that will include signage explaining the program and the customer fee table for using a credit card. The customer will know they can opt out of paying the fee by paying with cash. Your posted prices are your cash prices.

A merchant must prominently display a clear disclosure of the merchant’s Dual Pricing policy at the Point of Sale. The disclosure must include a statement that products and services have been discounted when paying with cash. If paying by credit or debit card a service fee will be displayed on the receipt.

No problem! If you feel the Dual Pricing Program does not work for your business, we can easily switch you back to your traditional credit card processing.

The Dodd-Frank law prohibits a payment card network such as Visa “from inhibiting the ability of anyone to provide a discount for payment by cash, checks, debit cards, or credit cards.”

If you let your customers know that the Dual Pricing Program is a way for you to keep providing your goods and services without increasing your prices every time credit card fees go up, most consumers will understand the need for the program.

Yes, the program will work the same for Credit Card, Signature Debit Card and PIN Debit Card.

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