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ATM Marketing Solutions


As technology has evolved, the ATM has become much more than a cash dispenser. Today’s ATMs have moved beyond simple deposits and withdrawals and now serve as a full-service banking solution. More often, consumers are using the ATM as the main point of interaction with their bank. This means that banks have a captive audience who will be paying attention to what’s presented to them on screen.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Use your ATM screen as a billboard to support brand recognition, showcase your services and offerings, or to host 3rd party advertisements. Edge One’s ATM marketing solutions can help you transform your ATM into a powerful marketing tool.


Brand consistency plays an important role in how customers view your company. With a consistent and unified image across all touch points, you create an identity that is dependable. This helps foster brand recognition, trust, and loyalty making customers more likely to continue to come back.

Benefits of ATM / ITM Branding:

Establish brand identity and guidelines.

Consistency across all touch points

Unified experience

Branding list on paper - ATM Branding

Branding Packages Include:

  • Your company’s logo
  • Brand colors
  • Fonts
  • Background
  • Buttons
  • Custom screens : Welcome, Transaction, and  Thank You.
  • Customized receipt header

Marketing campaigns

In today’s world, we are inundated with ads everywhere we turn. People have learned to tune it all out. It is difficult to get consumer’s attention long enough to communicate your brand’s message. By leveraging your ATM’s screen, you can target and display your message to customers while you have their attention.

Marketing Touchpoints

With Edge One’s marketing program, you can add customized messages to almost any point in the ATM transaction. Taking advantage of a captive audience is great, but you want to be careful not to distract from the overall experience.

The most common touch points are:

  • Welcome / Attract
  • Please Wait / Transaction Processing
  • Thank You / Goodbye

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Using targeted campaigns, you can personalize offerings to your customers. Offer no fee account sign ups to those using a competitor’s cards, display loan interest rates to your premium card holders, and more. ATM marketing allows you to show the message you want to the people you want to see it.

Benefits of ATM/ ITM Marketing

Personalized messages for your customers or non-customers.

Cost effective. Low-cost campaign deployment

Multiple campaigns can run at the same time.

Are you missing out?

Is your financial institution taking full advantage of your ATM’s capabilities? Turn your ATM into your own personalized marketing platform with ATM marketing solutions designed to fit your FI’s needs. To find out more about the ATM marketing and branding options available from Edge One, Contact Us at 800-423-3343(EDGE).