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    ATM Managed Services

    In today’s economy it is important that your business runs efficiently. The ATM / ITM managed services from Edge One can help you do just that. By offloading all the tasks that come with owning and operating an ATM / ITM you free up valuable time so you can focus on other things. Our customized packages allow you to budget for operational expenses without any unexpected surprises. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

    ATM / ITM Manager Program

    • Hardware & Software Updates
    • Compliance & Security
    • Transaction Processing
    • Cash Management &  Replenishment
    • Supplies
    • FLM / SLM
    • Reporting

    Managed Services Case Study

    See how the managed services from Edge One helped one financial institution simplify operations while increasing revenue.

    Teller Cash Recyclers

    Another opportunity Edge One offers for optimization of your day to day operations is Teller Cash Recyclers. TCRs allow you to simplify your cash handing and processing reducing time spent by tellers on each transaction. Reducing their time spent on these tedious tasks frees them up to better serve your customers.

    Edge One Carries a Complete Line of Atec TCRs for:

    • User Friendly Interface
    • Unattended Self-Auditing
    • High Capacity, Cassette Based
    • Less Cash Exposure
    • Increase Profitability
    • Improved Teller Performance
    • Faster + More Accurate Transactions
    • Allow for Greater Staffing Flexibility
    LTA 100 Teller Cash Recycler from Edge One LLC

    Teller Cash Recycler Case Study

    Read our case study to see how TCRs from Edge One helped one Financial Institution free up team members from the time consuming tasks associated with cash handling administration.

    NCR Interactive Teller

    Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) provide financial institutions a unique opportunity to expand and enhance their current customer experience. They may look like an ordinary ATM, but with the enhancement of a video screen that allows customers to speak directly to a service representative in a call center in real time. This allows banks to easily expand their footprint without the typical investment of real estate and infrastructure. However, the ITM offers more than increased revenue opportunities for FIs. Customers appreciate that they provide choice, access and convenience.

    With ITMs, customers can perform many  different transaction types, including (but not limited to):

    • Get cash
    • Deposit checks
    • Cash checks to the penny
    • Cardless transactions
    • Bill and loan payments
    • New account opening and funding
    • Transfer funds to any account
    • Order replacement cards
    • Process savings bonds and redemptions
    • Process customer CD renewals and inquiries
    • Issue bank checks or money orders
    • Investment account transactions
    • Access to all accounts (Consumer and Business)
    • Credit card payments

    The consumer and teller are able to communicate in real time, with the teller guiding the consumer through the transaction. It’s a convenient way to allow customers to  connect with remote tellers up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any ITM location (if the call center is staffed 24/7).

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