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ATM Managed Services

Edge One’s exclusive ATM Manager Program is a comprehensive outsourcing solution for all of your ATM requirements. The concept for the program is simplification through integration of all ATM services utilizing a single provider. Essentially, Edge One assumes responsibility for every facet of owning and operating an ATM, from purchasing the equipment to analyzing the profitability of the terminal. As quickly as you can say the word “outsource,” all of the headaches associated with owning and managing your ATM portfolio will disappear.

Edge One supplies ALL ATM services, including equipment purchases, installation, cash management and replenishment, transaction processing, first and second line maintenance, supplies, exception item management, adjustments, compliance related activities and reporting. Prior to ATM installation, you are responsible for helping to specify the equipment, site preparation, selecting the communications mode and establishing the replenishment schedule. Once the ATM is installed, your only accountabilities are to supply cash and review your easy to understand monthly statement.  Edge One works closely with you to ensure that the program meets your exact requirements. It’s really that easy!

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“This program is so simple. I love only having one number to call no matter what it is I need.”
Mike Moderski, McFarland State Bank

“It’s great having a professional company that specializes in ATMs to run our ATM program. It takes all the hassle
out of managing them, and frees me up to worry about other things we are more expert at..”
Dave Petit, Madison Credit Union

“I’ve never been in sales, but I could sell this program to any banker, any time!”
Chad Bense, VP-Minnesota National Bank

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