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Magner Pelican 305 Coin Sorter - Edge One

Magner Pelican 305

The Magner Pelican 305 Coin Sorter is your ultimate solution for mixed coin applications that demand precision and reliability. This innovative unit is designed to count and sort the six U.S. coin denominations at impressive speeds, processing up to 700 coins per minute with unparalleled accuracy.

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Automatic Off-Sorting

What sets the Pelican 305 apart is its built-in alloy sensor, enabling the automatic off-sorting of foreign and damaged coins, tokens, and slugs. This feature ensures that only the correct coins are counted, reducing errors and streamlining your coin processing tasks.

Configurations to Suit Your Needs

The Pelican 305 is available in various configurations to cater to your specific requirements. Choose between a countertop sorter with coin drawers or opt for the version with a stand designed to facilitate the bagging of coins. This flexibility allows you to select the setup that best fits your operational setup.

Worldwide Support

Magner offers comprehensive support for all its products, including the Pelican 305 Coin Sorter. With a Technical Support Team (TST) and a global network of Authorized Distributors, you can count on expert assistance and service no matter where you are located.

Experience the precision, reliability, and efficiency of the Magner Pelican 305 Coin Sorter – the ideal solution for your mixed coin processing needs.

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