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Semacon S-120 Coin Counter & Sorter - Edge One

Semacon S-120 Coin Counter

The Semacon S-120 Coin Counter is a robust and efficient solution for businesses in need of high-quality coin counting and sorting. Its user-friendly features and durable design make it a valuable asset for various coin-handling needs.

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Efficiency at Your Fingertips

The Semacon S-120 stands out with its ease of use. It features a user-friendly control panel that allows you to set the coin size with presets for all US coins (with options for other coin sizes). This feature simplifies the coin counting process, saving you time and effort.

Electric and Electronic Precision

The Semacon S-120 operates automatically, providing high-speed counting and sorting. Its electronic counting system lets you choose variable bagging and packaging stop points, further enhancing its efficiency and convenience.

User-Centric Control Panel

The pushbutton control panel of the Semacon S-120 is designed with the user in mind. It offers the most commonly used functions, making the coin counting process straightforward and accessible.

Efficient Coin Sorting

The Semacon S-120 features an offsort function, allowing you to count, bag, or package the largest coins separately while separating smaller coins into a second bag or tray. This feature is handy for handling foreign coins or tokens separately.

High-Speed Performance

Despite its high-speed coin processing capabilities, the Semacon S-120 operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful working environment for your staff.

Durability for Demanding Environments

The Semacon S-120 boasts a solid metal chassis and heavy-duty components, designed to withstand heavy use and harsh environments. It’s even capable of handling wet coins, ensuring reliable performance in diverse conditions.

International Versatility

For international businesses, the Semacon S-120 is available with control panels tailored to Canadian and Mexican coins. Custom international control panels are also available upon request, making it adaptable to various currency needs.

Portable and Practical

The S-120’s portable design makes it easy to transport to different locations or store when not in use. The lid serves as an inspection tray for feeding coins into the hopper when open, and it provides protection and convenience for transport when closed, thanks to the built-in carrying handle.

Optional Packaging Solutions

Enhance your coin handling with optional packaging tubes available for US, Canadian, Euro, and various other foreign coins. These options provide added versatility to your coin counting and sorting process.

Quality Assurance

All Semacon machines, including the S-120, undergo extensive testing in the US facility to ensure the highest quality and reliability. You can trust in the precision and durability of Semacon products for your coin-handling needs.

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