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CountEasy TS

The CountEasy TS is a revolutionary cash counting solution that employs cutting-edge touch screen technology to optimize cash handling efficiency. With its intuitive interface and precision counting, it outperforms traditional methods and requires minimal training for your staff to operate.

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Intuitive Touch Screen Technology

Similar to your mobile phone or tablet, the CountEasy TS features a high-resolution full-color TFT screen that displays only the necessary functions at the right time. The interface employs universally recognizable iconography and intuitive design, making complex operations accessible even to novice users.

Enhanced Efficiency

The CountEasy TS is six times faster than manual cash counting. This speed makes it ideal for various cash-handling tasks, including spot checks, cash lifts, banking, shift changes, and end-of-day reconciliation. It significantly reduces the time required for these processes.

Multi-Purpose Functionality

The CountEasy TS accommodates a multi-cultural workforce with minimal training, enabling accurate counting and recording of cash contents in multiple tills and currencies. Its flexibility allows it to be configured for various cash handling processes, streamlining operations.

Benefits of CountEasy TS

The CountEasy TS offers several advantages:

  • Less Handling: Six times faster than manual counting, reducing time spent on cash counting.
  • Less Mistakes: Provides 100% accurate counts every time, eliminating errors.
  • Less Downtime: Fast counts minimize downtime during normal trading and shift changes.
  • Less Shrink: Increases accountability and reduces the opportunity for cash loss.
  • Less Complexity: Touch screen technology simplifies all counts, even complex ones.

Experience the future of cash counting with the CountEasy TS – a user-friendly, touch screen solution that enhances efficiency and accuracy in cash handling.

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