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Find Out If the New PCI – EPP Mandates Apply to Your ATMs

PCI (Payment Card Industry) has announced a new mandate that may impact your ATM in the near future. This mandate will affect all ATMs with PCI PTSv1 and PCI PTSv3 EPP pin pads. These upcoming PCI requirements will change the way encryption keys are protected and managed.

How Does This Impact Your ATM?

Failure to update your ATM leaves you vulnerable to fraud, security attacks, data compromises and loss of revenue. As an ATM owner, the ATM networks consider you liable for any breach involving your ATM. Non-compliance can put you at risk of having your ATMs shut down.

What ATMs are Affected?

  • ATMs with a PCI PTSv1 pin pad must be replaced by December 31, 2022.
  • Pin pad replacement
  • ATM replacement
  • ATMs with a PCI PTSv3 pin pad must be replaced by January 1, 2025.
  • Pin pad replacement
  • ATMs with a PCI PTSv5 pin pad will not require any action at this time. Please note, that the action needed is based on the age of the hardware.

What’s Next?

To identify which pin pad your ATM currently has, contact Edge One and we will provide detailed instructions on determining your version. Once identified, we can assist in determining next steps.

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