Jaguar Payment Processing

Today, thanks to Check 21 legislation, digital versions of a check are considered suitable substitutes for checks. Once a check has been scanned, it can be immediately deposited electronically and the original paper check can be destroyed. This technological and legislative advance has made it much easier for businesses and consumers to deposit funds at the bank. Daily trips to the bank to deposit checks are no longer necessary. Edge One offers the hardware (check scanners by Canon) and software (systems designed by Jaguar) required for businesses to change the way they process payments and make deposits.

Customers who wish to process payments and automatically update their accounts receivable when payments are received will use Edge One’s payment processing solution. Customers seeking simply to deposit checks remotely without updating receivables balances will use Edge One’s remote deposit solution.

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  • Includes Canon CR190iII check scanner
  • Includes Jaguar Mirror Image Payment Processing
  • Automates data entry of accounts receivable
  • Automates deposit of checks
  • Saves time and money for government agencies, doctors offices, property management companies,
  • insurance agencies, utilities, or any business that batch or hand posts.
  • Increases funds availability
  • Provides check image archive and research capabilities
  • Edge One installs and implements

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