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Masterworks NC6500

It is a cost-effective and low noise equipment specially designed for tellers. Not only authenticate, but also process fitness sorting of counted banknotes. Capable of cheque scanning with the image processing technology. The all-in-one design makes all tedious operations in a snap. Perfect for tellers when it comes to banknotes fitness handling.

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  • Non-stop continuous operation with error codes. Use Software (End User Tool) to save and track each transaction by date, customers’ name, and serial number.
  • Can be connected to printer or system through LAN; operator can print out serial numbers or all vital operating results of the processed banknotes. Software upgrade could be done by PC, SD card, LAN.
  • Capable of sorting mixed banknote by denomination, fitness, orientation with fewer steps and shorter overall processing cycle.
  • Sorting banknote by fitness or quality with its capability to detect folded corners, holes, soil, tears and tape as unfit notes.

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