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Masterworks NC7100 - Edge One

Masterwork Automodules NC7100 2-Pocket Discriminator

Introducing the Masterwork Automodules NC7100 2-Pocket Discriminator, designed to cater to the surging demand for streamlined cash management in back office operations. This state-of-the-art solution offers various counting modes, cutting-edge engineering, and an unparalleled user experience.

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A Multifaceted Cash Management Solution

The Masterwork Automodules NC7100 2-Pocket Discriminator stands at the forefront of efficient cash management, designed to increase productivity while minimizing costs.

Four Cutting-Edge Counting Modes

This cutting-edge machine boasts four distinct counting modes to meet your specific cash processing requirements. Whether it’s authenticating banknotes, detecting imperfections, or scanning serial numbers, the NC7100 offers comprehensive functionality.

Engineered to Excel

With a team of in-house engineers behind its development, the NC7100 ensures the authenticity of banknotes and can identify issues such as holes, tears, folds, or tape, missing corners, stains, and soiling. Its advanced sensors, including Contact Image Sensors, Transmission Sensors, MG Sensors, UV Sensors, and Thickness Sensors, guarantee precision in every transaction.

Edge One: Your Complete Solution

Experience excellence that surpasses expectations with the NC7100 2-Pocket Discriminator. When it comes to purchasing, installation, and maintenance, trust Edge One to manage your equipment.

Elevate Your Cash Management

Discover the next level of cash management efficiency with the Masterwork Automodules NC7100 2-Pocket Discriminator. It’s not just a machine; it’s a transformative solution.

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