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Destroyit 4002 Document Shredder - Edge One

Destroy-It 4002

The Destroyit 4002 is a versatile level 3 cross-cut shredder packed with an array of impressive features. Whether you’re looking for efficient document disposal in a professional setting or simply need to keep your confidential information secure, the 4002 shredder has you covered.



Key Features

Energy Saving Mode (ESM)

The 4002 incorporates an intelligent “ESM” (Energy Saving Mode) that activates automatically after 1 hour of inactivity. This feature not only helps protect the environment but also saves you electricity costs.

Safety Protection System (SPS)

Your safety is paramount. The SPS (Safety Protection System) features a transparent safety shield that covers the feed opening. If the shield is lifted during operation, the shredder is instantly deactivated, preventing accidents.

Automatic Start and Stop

Controlled by a sensitive photo cell, the shredder automatically starts and stops as you feed it paper. This feature adds convenience to your shredding tasks, ensuring that the shredder is only in operation when you need it.

Easy Switch Controls

At the top of the 4002, you’ll find the “Easy Switch” controls, a user-friendly rocker switch that offers a quick feed reversal and power cut-off. This comes in handy if a paper jam occurs or any foreign objects enter the feed opening. The Easy Switch also features three LED-lit indicators, providing real-time operational status updates.

Hardened Steel Cutting Shafts

The cutting shafts are constructed from high-quality hardened steel, built to last and guaranteed for a lifetime. They can effortlessly shred staples, credit cards, CDs, and paper clips, ensuring durability and reliable performance.

Quiet and Powerful

The single-phase motor delivers an ideal balance of power and quiet operation. The motor is housed in a secure “twin drive system” with a dust-proof gear box, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Large Feed Opening

The 4002 boasts a spacious 16-inch feed opening, making document shredding a breeze. It accommodates a wide range of paper sizes and types.

Convenient Shred Bag

The pull-out shred bag is mounted on rollers, simplifying the replacement process. With an impressive 53-gallon capacity, it can accommodate a substantial volume of shredded material before requiring disposal.

Enhance Document Disposal with the Destroyit 4002

If you’re seeking a shredder that offers power, efficiency, and advanced security features, the Destroyit 4002 is an excellent choice. Whether you need to dispose of sensitive documents in a corporate setting or want to maintain data security at home, this shredder meets your requirements.

Invest in the Destroyit 4002 for a reliable document disposal solution.

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