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Discover Edge One’s Digital Banking Solutions, powered by NCR Voyix. Elevate your institution’s digital strategy with intuitive user experiences, future-proof technology infrastructure, and data-driven analytics. Contact us now to unlock the potential of seamless banking experiences for your customers or members.



Welcome to Edge One’s Digital Banking Solutions, powered by NCR Voyix.

In today’s digital landscape, the importance of a seamless and intuitive banking experience cannot be overstated. With NCR Voyix Digital Banking, we offer transformative solutions designed to deepen engagement and set your institution apart from the competition.

The Digital Banking Solutions from NCR Offer:

  1. Exceptional User Experiences: Deliver intuitive, modern, and easy-to-navigate journeys that meet your users’ expectations. Personalize experiences and provide self-service tools to enhance satisfaction.
  2. The Power to Differentiate: Future-proof your institution with innovative technology infrastructure. Scale effortlessly with a reliable, secure, and cloud-hosted platform. Access a wide range of pre-integrated services and solutions.
  3. Data-Driven Analytics: Gain meaningful insights to drive transactions, growth, and profitability. Engage users at critical touchpoints, enable hyper-personalization, and empower staff to boost efficiency.
  4. Next-Level Engagement: Provide cutting-edge tools to enhance satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Target promotions, communicate effectively, and enable seamless connections across channels.

Provide seamless experiences for your customers.

  • Retail Banking: Empower consumers to manage their finances seamlessly across devices.
  • Business Banking: Equip businesses with tools for financial management on the go.
  • Financial Wellness: Provide users with resources to understand and improve their financial health.
  • Marketing & Communications: Elevate engagement through personalized communication.
  • Data Analytics: Make data-driven decisions to enhance user experience and drive growth.
  • Admin & Operations: Maintain control with solutions for streamlined operations.

Contact us today to learn more about how Edge One’s Digital Banking Solutions can revolutionize your institution’s digital presence and elevate customer satisfaction.

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