NCR Activate Enterprise Software

Simplified end-to-end ATM software. Straight out of the box.

Get everything you need to deliver the most modern customer experience anywhere, from easy deployment to standard transactions, ITM support and much more.

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Discover the world’s most advanced self-service ATM software, NCR Activate Enterprise. Designed for complex banking enterprises, it seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure, ensuring unrivaled availability, security, and functionality. This innovative solution offers three modalities: traditional ATM self-service, remote video teller assistance, and in-branch in-person assistance via tablet. Explore the future of ATM transactions and revenue-generation opportunities.

Key Features

  • Rich HTML graphical user interface
  • Multi-touch support
  • Customizable for multi-vendor compatibility
  • Wide range of standard transactions and services, from cash dispense to electronic journaling
  • Configurability with an integrated development environment
  • Additional functionality, including contactless support and interactive banking
  • Robust security measures, including PCI compliance and EMV Level 2

Elevate your ATM experience with NCR Activate Enterprise. Contact us or visit for more information.

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