FireKing® MB3020

Make quick, secure cash drops with ease with the  M3020 mailbox drop safe from FireKing. This dual door mailbox safe provides a secure environment for your cash and is ideal for retail settings.  Compact design fits easily under counter for optimum operational efficiency.  Generous mailbox design enables you to make bank bag drops of the bulkiest of deposits without opening the main door.  Limiting access reduces chance of theft and shrinkage.

Each compartment is fitted with  either one or two programmable electronic locks, limiting access to only those who are authorized. Some models come equipped with time delay, further deterring theft and armed robbery.

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In retail operations, ensuring the security of your cash and assets is paramount. The FireKing MB3020 Safe offers a flexible and secure environment with features designed to cater to the specific needs of retail businesses. Its mail drop slot streamlines the deposit process, while the lower compartment accommodates extra cash tills or change funds. Plus, with the option to set a time delay, this safe serves as a robust deterrent against theft and armed robbery.

Key Features

  • Flexible Storage: The top compartment with a mail drop slot simplifies the deposit process, while the lower compartment provides extra space for cash tills or change funds.
  • Advanced Security Options: Set a time delay to enhance security, deterring potential thieves and ensuring your assets remain protected.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 30”H x 20”W x 20”D
  • Weight: 290 lbs

Choose the FireKing MB3020 Safe to establish a secure environment for your retail cash operations. Benefit from its versatility, advanced security features, and the confidence that comes with outstanding customer service and live technical support.


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