Armor Safe CacheSYSTEM®1200

Discover the power of CacheSYSTEM 1200 remote solutions for your cash management needs. Our innovative products provide a secure, efficient, and comprehensive way to handle your cash transactions. Learn more about how CacheSYSTEM 1200 can enhance your business.

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Collect and Secure Cash

When it comes to your cash, security is paramount. Our CacheSYSTEM 1200 solutions offer robust safes designed to meet rigorous standards. They protect every point of access, minimizing the risk of robbery and ensuring that your cash stays safely secured.

Count and Validate Funds

With our advanced safes, you’ll experience top-tier cash validation. Our casino-quality bill validators offer unparalleled counterfeit detection and first-time bill acceptance. Counted funds are conveniently stored in cassettes, making them easy to transport and deposit. You can even equip this series with up to four validators for maximum efficiency.

Audit and Report Activity

Keep track of every transaction with ease using our CacheSYSTEM 1200. The control unit (CS-1000, 2400, or 7000 series) handles audit and reporting tasks efficiently. It records all remote transactions through user-specific personal identification numbers (PINs), creating a seamless audit trail. Generate over 30 types of receipts and reports, including end-of-day summaries, cash removal records, and individual user reports, all using the high-speed printer.

Effortless Communication

The CacheSYSTEM 1200 control units (CS-1000, 2400, or 7000 series) seamlessly integrate with CacheTalk™ III software. This integration allows you to access and evaluate transaction data and perform real-time comparisons with point-of-sale (POS) activity. Stay connected and in control with our communication capabilities.

Secure Your Cash Management

CacheSYSTEM 1200 remote solutions provide an all-in-one solution to enhance your cash management. Explore the numerous benefits of this innovative system and improve the way you handle your cash. Secure, efficient, and reliable – CacheSYSTEM 1200 has you covered.

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