Armor Safe CacheNET™ 5000

The CacheNET™ 5000 series is a heavy duty, back office solution for the most cash intensive businesses. It provides seamless accounting between the POS and your bank with a comprehensive audit trail.

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The CacheNET™ 5000 series is a heavy-duty cash management solution designed for businesses with high cash volumes. This comprehensive back-office solution streamlines accounting, enhances security, and ensures a complete audit trail for your financial transactions.

Reliable Cash Handling

Rest easy knowing that your cash is secure once it’s placed in an Armor Safe. Our CacheNET™ 5000 safes are engineered to rigorous standards, offering protection at every access point and minimizing the risk of theft.

Efficient Cash Counting and Validation

The CacheNET 5000 is equipped with Cummins’ cutting-edge bill counting technology, capable of recognizing 800 bills per minute with unmatched counterfeit detection. Counted funds are stored in high-capacity locking cassettes, accommodating up to 5000 bills. Additionally, the system allows cash return for canceled transactions, reducing exposure and the risk of theft and loss.

Seamless Audit Trail

Every transaction is meticulously recorded and tracked through individual user identification, typically via swipe card, establishing a comprehensive audit trail of all activities. Bill validators handle cash deposits, while other media sales, such as personal checks, are recorded and securely deposited in envelopes. This approach ensures immediate verification, reducing errors in POS reconciliation and simplifying bank deposit preparations. The system offers the capability to generate over 30 types of receipts and reports through its high-speed printer, including end-of-day activity, cash removal, and individual user reports.

Customizable Communication

The CacheNET™ 5000 series allows users to seamlessly access and assess transaction data, facilitating real-time comparisons with POS activities. Large cash-handling businesses can benefit greatly from the security, efficiency, and user-friendliness of the CN-5000, ensuring a complete audit trail for up to 90 days.


Key specifications for the CacheNET™ 5000 Cash Management Solution:

  • Type: Heavy-Duty Cash Management
  • Bill Counting Speed: 800 bills per minute
  • Capacity: Up to 5000 bills
  • Security: Robust safeguards against theft
  • User Identification: Swipe-card based
  • Printer: High-speed for receipts and reports

Experience Swift and Secure Cash Management

Businesses handling substantial cash volumes will benefit immensely from the swift security and user-friendliness of the CacheNET™ 5000. This high-capacity cash management solution provides an extensive audit trail, tracking every user’s activity, and ensures your cash remains protected between the back office and the bank.

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