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Canon DR 5010C

Unlock Productivity with the Canon DR-5010C Scanner

Looking for a high-performance scanner that can tackle various business needs? Meet the Canon DR-5010C. This compact scanner is your go-to solution, offering exceptional value and high-quality scanning for documents up to 11″ x 17″.

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A Scanner Beyond the Ordinary

The Canon DR-5010C is no ordinary scanner. Thanks to its advanced 3-Line Sensor Technology, it scans color just as quickly as black and white, reaching speeds of up to 50 pages per minute, or 100 images per minute. It’s designed to meet the demands of paper-intensive business environments.

Color Correction and Customization

The scanner’s 3-Dimensional Color Correction function allows you to recreate colors that closely resemble the original documents. It’s perfect for achieving distinct OCR results. Plus, the Custom Color Dropout feature lets you remove specific color elements, such as lines and shaded boxes, to enhance document clarity.

Efficiency from Start to Finish

Canon understands that document imaging needs vary, so the DR-5010C is designed to be a versatile image processing machine. Whether you’re scanning thick documents or plastic ID cards, its innovative Straight Path design ensures smooth feeding. Plus, the U-turn Path option neatly ejects scanned papers to save you time.

Seamless Scanning Experience

Canon’s Rapid Recovery System ensures that scanning interruptions are no longer a hassle. If an error occurs, the system will pause and notify you. Once resolved, you can seamlessly continue scanning from where you left off, sending only the completed image data to your PC.

Intelligent Functions

With the DR-5010C, you can confidently handle batches of mixed document types. The scanner automatically straightens skewed documents and rotates upside-down images, ensuring each document is perfectly scanned.

Crystal Clear Scans

The scanner boasts a Punch Hole Removal function, eliminating black dots that appear when scanning pages from booklets or binders. Its MultiStream technology allows you to generate different images simultaneously from a single scan.

User-Friendly and Bundled with Software

The Canon DR-5010C is a user-friendly machine loaded with automatic and customizable functions that streamline the image capture process. It comes bundled with CapturePerfect and Adobe® Acrobat® software, along with a full-featured ISIS®/TWAIN driver, exceeding value expectations.

From a Trusted Brand

Canon, a world leader in high-quality imaging solutions, presents the DR-5010C. It’s perfect for various business applications, including high-speed, volume-oriented environments. With its ultra-fast scanning capabilities, versatility, and technology-packed features, this scanner is your trusted solution.

Experience efficient, high-quality scanning with the Canon DR-5010C. Discover a versatile, intelligent, and reliable scanning solution from a renowned brand. Get your hands on the Canon DR-5010C scanner today.

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