Nautilus Hyosung MX-8800 Financial ITM

MX8800 manages routine self-service transactions seamlessly and supports employee-assisted transactions””either in person or via video link””when needed.The result? The ability for your branch to handle more transactions with existing resources.

Serve more customers in new ways by eliminating manual processes. MX8800 frees staff time to focus on identifying and promoting bank products that can help customers achieve their financial goals.

Today’s bank customers demand safe and efficient money-management solutions. MX8800 increases client satisfaction levels by supporting self-service and assisted transactions from a single terminal.

Choose from a wide variety of configuration and integration options, standard hardware features,and personal engagement tools to meet customers’unique needs while optimizing branch time and resources.

MX8800 advanced security features protect bank and customer data, increasing your team’s ability to develop long-term, trusted client relationships.

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  • Microsoft® Window® 7, CEN/X FS 3.10 or later
  • Communication: TCP/IP
  • Screen Display: Upper 24”³ Wide TFT LCD, Lower 15”³ TFT LCD (touch screen) Operator Panel, 15”³ TFT LCD (touch screen) at the rear of machine
  • Input Type: PCI compliant EPP, T-DES, DES, RSA, 15”³ Lower touch screen
  • Security: UL291 Level 1, Optional camera, Keypad shield
  • Card Reader: Anti-skimming (optional), EMV Dip track 1,2, EMV Motorized Track 1,2, Contact less card reader ) optional
    Cash recycling technology, Bulk cash insertion, High Capacity dispense capability, 5 configurable cassettes for deposits/dispense; single insertion mixed media depository, Bunch Check Insertion
  • Printers: Graphical Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Additional Features: 2D Barcode reader, Audio jack for ADA, ID Scanner (optional), Two way audio and video capabilities

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