NCR SelfServ 21

The NCR SelfServ™ 21 is a small but mighty cash dispenser from NCR. NCR SelfServ™ 21 helps financial institutions meet corporate environmental sustainability goals, reduce total cost of ownership and manage risk, all while benefiting from ease of deployment.

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The Ultimate Customer Experience

At the heart of SelfServ 21 is the customer experience. The ATM offers a modern, digital-first interaction with a high-quality touchscreen featuring multi-touch capability, enabling swipe and gesture functionality. Integrated contactless card reader and dynamically adjustable media entry and exit indicators further enhance the user experience. When coupled with NCR Enterprise Software and ATM Marketing, SelfServ 21 unlocks personalized user flows, ensuring your customers have a seamless and rewarding experience while increasing your return on investment.

Reliable Availability

ATM uptime is crucial, and the SelfServ 21 excels in this aspect. Powered by the S2 Media Dispense Module, it boasts a market-leading cassette capacity that extends replenishment cycles, keeping the ATM online longer. With a higher number of Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) and State of Health indicators, SelfServ 21 is designed to get your ATM up and running faster than other devices on the market. Moreover, it’s energy-efficient, using 8% less power than its predecessor, allowing you to allocate resources to other important channels.

Built-in Security

Security is paramount, and SelfServ 21 is equipped with comprehensive safeguards. The combination of the S2 Media Dispense Module, integrated cash exit, and consumer portrait cameras ensures protection against cash trap attacks and transaction reversal fraud. The latest Skimming Protection Solution and NCR Secure technology shield your consumers from card skimming fraud, enhancing their peace of mind.

Innovative Touch Screen

The intuitive touchscreen provides a high-quality experience with multi-touch capabilities, allowing for swipe and gesture functionality. This simulates the familiarity of modern consumer technology and offers a user-friendly interface.

Efficient Media Handling

Driven by the market-leading S2 Media Dispense Module, SelfServ 21 features a remarkable up to 60 note bunch, 2-5 cassettes, and a 2,800 cassette capacity. Its 5-High configuration provides a best-in-class 14,000 note capacity, reducing the frequency of replenishment.

Ease of Service

Simplified parts and a higher number of field replaceable units ensure quick and efficient maintenance, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your ATM operations.

Cutting-Edge Design

SelfServ 21 is designed for the banking consumers of the future. It incorporates design cues from NCR’s award-winning SelfServ 80 series, delivering a modern and digital-first brand image that aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of today’s customers.

  • Fully recessed PCI compliant Encrypting PIN Pad
  • Card reader with built-in fraud prevention
  • Contactless enabled Integrated Reader
  • S2 Media Dispense Module
  • Up to 60 note bunch capacity
  • 15” LCD touchscreen
  • Intel 7th Gen i3 and i5 Processor

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