NCR SelfServ 82


In the ever-evolving world of banking, the NCR Self-Serv 82 is setting new standards for convenience, personalization, and security.

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Transforming Banking Services

The NCR Self-Serv 82 is a revolutionary Interactive Assisted Teller-enabled ATM. It seamlessly connects consumers to efficient live teller services, making banking convenient across flexible hours and locations. With this ATM, you can transform your customers’ banking experiences for the better.

Attract with Infinity Display

Featuring the Infinity Display, this ATM offers a multi-touch experience on a 15” or 19” LCD screen. Beyond functionality, it opens doors to integrated customized branding opportunities for financial institutions. Your brand can shine while providing top-tier services.

Engage with Personalization

The NCR Self-Serv 82 supports the NCR Enterprise SW platform, providing personalization and targeted marketing opportunities. In today’s digital-first age, it ensures that mobile-first consumers are engaged effectively. Personalize your offerings and reach your customers on their terms.

Available and Future-Proofed

Enhanced ATM module reliability is guaranteed through Media Handling 2.0. With flexible dispense, deposit, and recycling options, this ATM is future-proofed to adapt to changing needs. It is built for longevity and high performance, ensuring it can meet your evolving requirements.

Efficient Management

Efficiency is a core value of the NCR Self-Serv 82. It incorporates service intervention process improvements and offers a full range of common parts across all solutions. With improved device-level intelligence, managing your self-service banking operations becomes streamlined and cost-effective.

Security at Its Core

Security is a top priority, and the NCR Self-Serv 82 is designed to effectively manage risks and prevent fraud. Features like a strengthened shutter, cash/consumer camera, and a new flush SPS card reader provide robust protection for your customers and their transactions.

In conclusion, the NCR Self-Serv 82 is a remarkable advancement in modern banking technology. It enhances the customer experience, supports personalization, and ensures top-tier security. If you’re looking to offer efficient live teller services, seamless personalization, and advanced security, the NCR Self-Serv 82 is your gateway to a brighter future in banking.

  • NCR Interactive Assisted Teller enabled.
  • Connect consumers to the efficient delivery of convenient live teller services from the ATM across flexible hours and locations
  • Infinity Display: supports multi-touch. 15” or 19” LCD screen.
  • Integrated customized branding opportunities for financial institutions
  • Supports NCR CxBanking SW platform
  • Personalization and targeted marketing opportunities.
  • Engage mobile first consumers
  • Enhanced ATM module reliability via Media Handling 2.0 Available
  • Flexible, future-proofed dispense, deposit and recycling options.
  • Performance enhanced durable design
  • Service intervention process improvements.
  • Improved device level intelligence
  • Security designed in for more effective risk management and fraud prevention.
  • Strengthened shutter, cash/consumer camera and new flush SPS card reader

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