NCR SelfServ 88

The NCR SelfServ 88 is a groundbreaking ATM, designed to connect consumers with efficient live teller services across flexible hours and locations. This ATM is set to transform banking convenience.

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Key Features:

  • **Transform**: NCR Interactive Assisted Teller enabled
  • **Attract**: Infinity Display: supports multi-touch. 15” or 19” LCD screen. Integrated customized branding opportunities for financial institutions.
  • **Engage**: Supports NCR Enterprise software platform—includes personalization and targeted marketing opportunities. Enable the digital-first experience. Engage mobile-first consumers.
  • **Available**: Enhanced ATM module reliability via Media Handling 2.0. Flexible, future-proofed dispense, deposit, and recycling options. Performance-enhanced durable design.
  • **Manage**: Service intervention process improvements. Improved device level intelligence.
  • **Secure**: Security designed in for more effective risk management and fraud prevention. Includes: strengthened shutter, cash/consumer camera, and new SPS card reader.

Technical Specifications:

Discover the technical details of the NCR SelfServ 88:

  • Product Dimensions:
    • Height: 55.59” (1,412mm)
    • Width: 40.94″ (1,040mm)
    • Depth (Including bumper): 33.46″ (850mm)
    • Weight: CEN I 2,167lbs (983kg)
  • Consumer Interface:
    • Infinity Display – Supports multi-touch. 15” or 19” brightened color LCD screen
    • Media Entry/Exit Indicators – Dynamic active customizable color LEDs. Directional and pulsing user guidance MEEIs
    • And much more…

Live Teller Transactions:

Unlock extended banking hours and increased service availability with the NCR SelfServ 88:

  • Instant check cashing
  • Depositing to multiple accounts in one transaction
  • Card or Cardless authentication
  • Bill payments
  • Account to account transfers
  • And more…

Additional Features:

Experience additional benefits with NCR SelfServ 88:

  • e-Receipts to a mobile device
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • NCR Interactive Banker and Teller Enterprise SW compatible

The NCR SelfServ 88 redefines banking convenience. Explore its features and find out how it can transform your banking experience.

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