NH MoniPlus2S NBS Software

Hyosung’s NBS software uses the MoniPlus2S base application and adds local flow control to provide a truly stateless ATM application. With full control over the user experience, MoniPlus2S NBS (NBS) offers the most unique and customer friendly user experience at the ATM. The software can be further extended with core integration to vastly expand the transaction set of self-service terminals.  With core integration, the terminal is unleashed from the ATM network and can easily provide alternative authentication and a richer transaction set via access to all of a customer’s accounts. When combined with our Branch Transformation Software, ActiveTeller, NBS provides an unprecedented level of functionality at the ATM.



MP2S NBS software is designed to be easy to install and manage. Any network running Windows 10 can implement MP2S on its existing network infrastructure. Once integrated, the ATM operates in a stateless environment where information is processed on secure servers with the ATM itself, acting as a terminal of the user’s financial institution. The user experience on these individual stateless machines can be fully customized and edited from anywhere, eliminating the need for a visit to each ATM in order to make changes to the interface.

MoniPlus2S NBS software features multi-vendor support that ensures your entire network can function as one, even if your fleet includes ATMs from different manufacturers. Whether you’re acquiring a new branch or find a more cost-effective model for expansion, this ATM machine application will ensure your entire network remains connected and fully operational. Hyosung America’s elite multi-vendor ATM software is engineered to perform on machines from the six biggest manufacturers and designed to meet all upcoming regulatory requirements. Whether your network is large or small, made up of one style of ATM machine, or consists of multiple makes and models, MoniPlus2S NBS provides the control and customization needed to maximize your bottom line.

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